I’m So Excited…. I Just Can’t Hide It….

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

OMG, the Marketing “Dec” came from Public Television yesterday for the TV show, and I am SO excited, but I AM trying to stay in control.  I can hardly believe this is happening and I’m almost afraid to be too happy for fear it will go up in smoke.  I think I’m going to knock on the table (it’s wood) to make sure the luck stays around!

The thought of this show actually going on the air, not only being that it’s my own show, but the fact that it’s something important to me and others, is overwhelming. 

I grew up on Public Television and it pains me that they’ve had some difficult years recently.  More and more funding has been taken away from them, making it necessary to obtain funding for new programs through underwriters.  I will be doing the same for my program.

Being the first and only vegetarian cooking show on the air is a huge deal.  Vegetarianism is becoming more popular for ethical and health reasons and the success of this program is important.  I take it seriously and with the support of underwriters and the guidance of an amazing marketing executive and an award winning producer who has been chosen for me, I plan to do my absolute best to make it a GO.

Potential underwriters….   I’m gunning for you!  If you’d like to be part of this nuclear reaction, with all sorts of marketing opportunities available to you, just let me know.  I’m counting on you!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy



Nope, not channel surfing with the remote, or putt-putt-putting slowly through the channel so as not to create a wake….   I have no way to explain this except to say I must be channeling my mother.

A few weeks ago I had a HUGE craving for hot dogs, beans, and sauerkraut. Not something I ever liked, but my father did.  Actually, I never really liked hot dogs, but loved sauerkraut, and Heinz Vegetarian beans.  So, what did I do?  I bought a bunch and ate it for DAYS.  Talk about strange cravings, and so sudden!  Must have been channeling my father.  No other explanation!

Now, I’ve got a craving for sausage and peppers.  Again, something I’d never think of making.  Interesting, though, my mother used to make it a lot when I was growing up.  Sometimes “straight up” and other times in a red sauce.  Sometimes on pasta, and sometimes on a delicious sub roll.  I must be channeling my mother this time!

My parents grew up in a mixed Jewish and Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, so my mother learned to cook Italian before Eastern European Jewish, and I grew up on Italian food.  (Yup, I’ve mentioned before that the Rabbi, who lived across the street, dropped in out of the blue one day when my mother was making sausage.  She threw a towel over the pot and did her best to ignore the delicious aroma.)

I spent my first few years in Brooklyn and we soon moved out to Long Island, but I remember the food festivals we’d go to, particularly the San Gennaro Festival in the Little Italy area of NYC.  I remember the crowds, the smells, the foods, and in particular the sausage and peppers (and fried zeppoles).  Coming up soon, a super “sausage” and peppers sub!

Memories of Brooklyn, and definitely…. channeling my mom this time!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


Veggie 101

So I said to the pharmacist, “Got a question for ya.” 

“Yes, Ma’am?” 

“Last week I found out I’m so anemic its a surprise I can talk.  I just started taking iron supplements.  Is there a loading dose to get my iron level up where it belongs?”

I’m guessing this isn’t a conversation you’ve had with your local pharmacist, or anyone else for that matter, and I’m wondering if there was a way I should have known, when I went veggie, that I REALLY needed to be taking supplements.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I just KNEW I was short on B12, and it turns out I was.  (I figured it out myself by researching online.)  Also Folate.  But I had no idea I’d be so low on iron I could hardly string a sentence together.

Its amazing to me that during numerous doctor visits over the years, where I plainly said I was a vegetarian, no one ever asked if I was taking supplements or suggested blood tests, even after my complaining of exhaustion….  over and over.

I’m still shaking my head to myself.  I just don’t get it.  

At least I’m heading in the direction of feeling better, now.  But, thank goodness I told the doc I wanted a slew of blood tests!  In the meantime, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking, but a new food review should be posted soon, and I’ll be posting a couple of easy peasy recipes I’ve made a number of times in the last few weeks.  Nothing fancy, but really good!

So, how do we do Veggie 101?  I decided that I love animals too much to eat them, so I stopped.  For others who come to the same conclusion, how are they supposed to know what I had to find out because I was inquisitive enough, after a long period of feeling awful, to figure it out myself?

Good question.

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy



Rainy Day!

Its a rainy day and I’ve been reading my Penzey’s Spices Catalogue from cover to cover.  I want EVERYTHING. They do have stores, they do have a website, but the catalogue. Well, see for yourself.  It makes you want to COOK! 

No, I don’t have any connection with them other than buying fresh, delicious spices from them for years, and the catalogue happened to be in the right place at the right time on this rainy day.  Check them out. They have an amazing assortment of spices. www.Penzeys.com  Have them send you a catalogue.  It’ll make your mouth water!  lol

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy



Mm, Mmm, Good!

Mm, mmm, Good!  Suddenly people are baking bread like crazy. 

Sourdough bread, beer bread, whole grain bread.  Just the thought of making bread has my mouth watering even though I have a long-standing battle with yeast.  Trying to get dough to rise…..  yeast and I do not get along.

I have, however, managed to make some decent “easy recipe” focaccia,” so I know bread baking IS possible!

Last week I came across “Dutch Oven” bread.  What an idea!  Mix everything together, let it rise in the pot, and then bake it, in the same pot!  How easy is THAT?

SO easy, IF you plan waaaay in advance, because it has to rise for hours, and hours, and hours!  My suggestion, and maybe it should be the first thing they write in the recipe, mix everything up the night before!  Argh!

I think we’re back to Plan A…. focaccia…. unless someone has a suggestion for another SIMPLE recipe I can try!  Fresh bread.  Yum!

To be continued!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


Outside of the Box…

A week into 2012 and I’ve already learned a couple of new things.  First, shopping at a supermarket outside of your usual stomping grounds can reap unusual benefits!

I was searching for the broth I use as a base for my Vegetarian Chicken Soup and had to go to a different supermarket than I usually use in order to get it.  While wandering around I came across a brand of hot cereal I had never seen before, Better Oats.  “They” say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but trying to come up with a nutritious, healthy, and quick breakfast first thing in the morning can be pretty difficult.

The packaging, colors, and variety caught my eye (good marketing!), and I bought Better Oats Mom’s Best Naturals Multigrain Hot Cereal in Maple and Brown Sugar.  I was expecting good things the next morning, and I found something amazing.  Not only great tasting, quickly made hot cereal, but it was made even faster by using the cereal pouch to measure the water to put in the bowl.  No running around looking for a measuring cup!  Brilliant!

I also checked my regular supermarket and lo and behold, they had it, too! Multigrain Hot Cereal I had tried previously was delicious, so I picked up three other versions, all from Better Oats- Abundance All Natural in Maple and Brown Sugar, Oat Fit 100 Calorie in Maple and Brown Sugar, and Organic Raw Pure and Simple Multigrain Hot Cereal with Flax in Chai Spiced.  (I broke the pattern!)

All four versions are delicious, and kosher.  Toss in some raisins and nuts, and you’ve really got something special.

Two quick points, I found the cereals in the “natural” food area in one supermarket, and in the “oatmeal” section of the other.  And, do take note of the size bowl they suggest.  A couple of the cereals require a bit more water and can easily boil over unless you use the proper size bowl.

And the second “new thing” of 2012?  Did you know you can make vegan Matzo Balls?  What a perfect match for my veg Chicken Soup if you don’t want to use eggs in the Matzo Balls!  I was given a Home-made recipe from a British friend, Shelley, on Linked In, and will post it tomorrow, with kudos to my new friend!

As they say in the “Old Country,” Ta’im!  Delicious!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy