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Let Us Eat…… Bread!

At of the end of Passover a few days ago I was dreaming of bread, big time.  Matzoh is yummy, especially with butter and salt…  and other things I no longer eat, like gefilte fish.  Yes, gefilte fish is yummy.  Especially with matzoh, butter, salt…  and horseradish!  I was actually thinking about coming up with a vegetarian gefilte fish recipe made with a tofu base (the texture of extra firm tofu is a lot like the texture of gefilte fish), but thought of it too close to Passover to have time to experiment, so maybe in time for next year.

But, bread.  I always dream of bread.  I’ve learned not to keep it in the house or the bread addict in me will just about plow through it all myself, so you can imagine how I was dreaming of bread by the end of Passover.

Mmm…  a sandwich.  A toasty sandwich.  But, what kind?  Something yummy, and delicious, and comforting.  How about a Reuben Sandwich? Memories of my childhood having lunch in New York delis!  With a little bit of thought, a little bit of preparation, and a bit of poetic license when it came to ingredients, a veg Reuben Sandwich was born!

Amazing what you can do with a bit of creativity!  Now, off to download the photos of the yummy sandwich and write up the recipe so I can post it!