Archive for November 18, 2013


They say you have to suffer for your art.  Well, ok.  Maybe a little.  It makes you appreciate it more.  But right now I am suffering, in general.

Things are tough all over, and as I work on keeping up an online presence and following up on potential underwriters and sponsors, I am looking for work in my “real” life.  That’s really where the suffering is right now.  Working on Pretty Veggie is a pleasure.  But not being able to find a job and being on the verge of running out of money is where the suffering is.

Last month I had writer’s block, and I still do.  It’s due to stress, of course.  Even the new recipes I’ve cooked up lately haven’t been written up, so don’t feel that I’ve been ignoring you.  I’m just trying to get my real life back on an even keel, and boy, oh, boy, its been tough.

Still workin’ on it, and hoping there’s a breakthrough very soon…..