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Doldrums II

Well, don’t that beat all?  I thought the “frustrating and worrying time” I mentioned in the previous post was gone for good.  I’d been looking for a “real” job for a long time in order to support myself while working on finding underwriters for the TV show, and I finally found a job!

Until that point, things were becoming more and more scary by the day.  The savings were dwindling.  Do I apply for food stamps?  Will I wind up on welfare?  Not something I wanted, but you do what you have to do.

And then, I found a job.  Something I could actually live on and not have to apply for food stamps.  How wonderful to be working, again!

Little did I know that this new business had planned their finances very poorly, and I was to be laid off just a month after starting.  I’ve applied for unemployment, but that won’t pay the bills.  So, here we go, again.   Job hunting.  Food stamps?  Welfare?

A month of hope replaced the “doldrums,” but now they are back.  Sure wish I could find those elusive underwriters and go forward with my dream.

Well, don’t that beat all?