Reuben Sandwich

Reuben SandwichI was SO ready to have some bread by the end of Passover this year (see blog post, "Let Us Eat....  Bread") that I thought I'd come up with a comforting sandwich that brought back memories.  Shades of the delicatessens in NYC!

Rye Bread or Whole Grain Bread- good quality

Veg Turkey or Ham

Swiss “Cheese” or Pepper Jack


Thousand Island Dressing, or

Mayo, Ketchup, Pickle Relish- mixed*

Butter or Margarine

Cooking Spray

Pickles or Peppers

I used Whole Grain Bread and sliced it myself so I’d have thicker, toastier bread slices.

For each sandwich, set out 2 pieces of bread and coat the sides facing up with Thousand Island Dressing or your home-made mixture.  *If you make your own you can add onion, hot sauce, sugar, salt and pepper, as you like. But, I like straight mayo, ketchup, and relish.

Add slices of Turkey or Ham on one of the bread slices.  Top with a slice of cheese, then sauerkraut.  Then, more cheese.  You can add more meat, but I thought I already had plenty on the sandwich.

Drain the sauerkraut before putting it on the sandwich.  You can warm it slightly in the microwave (carefully) before putting it in the sandwich, but I left it somewhat cooler than room temperature for a “pop” of cold kraut in the middle of the sandwich.

Turn the other bread slice over on top of the sandwich and press down slightly to compact.

Melt butter or margarine in a pan and when sizzling, add the sandwich to the pan.  On the bare piece of bread facing up, rub with butter or margarine, and/or spray with cooking spray.

When the bottom side is toasty and brown, flip carefully.  And… when the other side is brown, your Reuben is ready!

Cut in half and serve with pickles or peppers.   Memories of a New York deli!

(The only thing I might have changed is to make the bread slices a little thinner so the sandwich would heat through more easily.  But, I loved the crunch of the toasty bread, and the sandwich was heated through just fine for me.)

Make sure you have plenty of napkins!  Delish!



  1. Anna says:

    Hello Mindy! Anna from ‘Word In Veg Ways’ here! As per last Tweet, just thought I’d drop you a line as I’m very impressed with your website! I’m of Ukrainian/Polish parentage and so many of your Jewish recipes have synergies with my Eastern European background, so many foods are the same. My parents, as well as going to the Polish deli, used to go to the Jewish deli in town to buy various foods for that reason. I’m sure you’ll relate to this, my parents house always has a jar of gherkins (pickles) in the cupboard – and so does mine! My blog features some Ukrainian recipes (see the Easter ones) and also I refer to Passover in the Easter Afternoon Tea blog post. I’ll leave it with you to take a look around my blog and lets keep in touch! Best wishes, Anna x

    • Mindy says:

      Funny you mention Eastern Europe because I was going to Tweet that my background is Eastern European, Germany, Russia, Poland. I did take a look at the website, but I’ll definitely take a closer look! Say hi to the UK for me. I miss it!


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