Mushroom Gravy

Mushrooms- sliced (not thin) *

Onions- cut up (perfect cuts don’t matter)

Mushroom broth- quart

Onion Powder

Celery Salt

Bay Leaf

Butter or non-dairy product - room temp



White Wine- something you’d drink!

Saute onion in oil until it’s starting to soften, add mushrooms.  Add a bit of oil as needed while sauteeing mushrooms.

When mushrooms are browned and reduced, add broth, bay leaf, and a bit of onion powder and celery salt.  Simmer for 15-20 mins and stir occasionally.  In the meantime, mash together approx 4T softened butter and 4T flour.

Remove bay leaf from broth and add a splash of wine to the pot.  Stir, and while simmering add half of the butter mixture.  Keep mixing while gravy begins to thicken.

Taste.  What does it need?  Onion powder?  Celery salt?  Wine?  Add more.  Does it need more thickening?  Add more of the butter mixture.

Taste again.  What does it need?  Salt and pepper?  Wine?  Add more, and keep stirring while the gravy thickens.

When it tastes REALLY good, turn the heat to very low (if you’re going to serve it), or take off heat and cool before refrigerating.

Good enough to drink!

* Use LOTS, and use a variety of mushrooms.  Even better!

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