Mm, Mmm, Good!

Mm, mmm, Good!  Suddenly people are baking bread like crazy. 

Sourdough bread, beer bread, whole grain bread.  Just the thought of making bread has my mouth watering even though I have a long-standing battle with yeast.  Trying to get dough to rise…..  yeast and I do not get along.

I have, however, managed to make some decent “easy recipe” focaccia,” so I know bread baking IS possible!

Last week I came across “Dutch Oven” bread.  What an idea!  Mix everything together, let it rise in the pot, and then bake it, in the same pot!  How easy is THAT?

SO easy, IF you plan waaaay in advance, because it has to rise for hours, and hours, and hours!  My suggestion, and maybe it should be the first thing they write in the recipe, mix everything up the night before!  Argh!

I think we’re back to Plan A…. focaccia…. unless someone has a suggestion for another SIMPLE recipe I can try!  Fresh bread.  Yum!

To be continued!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


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