Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich


Banh Mi

If you watch as many cooking shows as I do you’ve probably heard this somewhere along the way-

“Today, I’ve cooked for you a deconstructed Banh Mi sandwich.”

And you’ve probably heard the response from the esteemed panel of chefs-

“No, you haven’t.  That’s not what’s in a Banh Mi!”

Well, what the heck is a Banh Mi sandwich, and what’s in it?  Basically, it’s a Vietnamese street food sandwich.  Assorted Asian style fresh and pickled vegetables, meats, and dressings in a freshly baked baguette/club roll, and this is my “take,” using ingredients I already had on hand.  Yes, you can use parsley if you don’t like cilantro, but the cilantro really makes it!

BTW- this photo was the neatest of the sandwiches.  The others were really stuffed, and really yummy!  So, really fill 'em up!

Club Roll (not too soft but not too crunchy)

Mayonnaise of your choice

Soy Sauce

Hot Sauce

“Char Siu Beef” or Tofu*

Pickled Broccoli Slaw*

Cucumber Strips*

Sweet n’ Hot Pepper Slices*

Cilantro- Fresh, chopped

Slice the roll about 2/3 through, open, and pull out some of the bread.  Now, start layering!

Slather on mayo, meat (or tofu), assorted vegetables, peppers.  Sprinkle with cilantro, soy sauce, and hot sauce.  Fold together as well as you can, and eat!

*Notes-  I made Char Siu “beef” using a package of beef crumbles (sautéed well), plus a heaping teaspoon each of soy sauce, hoisin, oyster sauce, and honey, a sprinkle of 5-Spice Powder, pepper, and a dash of sherry.  Char Siu is usually colored red with an additive, which I didn’t use.

If you prefer, use “beef” tips, strips, chicken, tofu (marinated or plain), whatever you like.

Pickled carrot and daikon radish are usually included, but I used broccoli slaw, which has carrots and other veggies.  It’s easy to “pickle” vegetables.  Marinate the veggie(s) in a combination of vinegar, salt, sugar, and a bit of soy sauce for a few hours or overnight.

I had the Sweet n’ Hot Pepper Slices on hand, but you can easily use jalapeno slices.

And, really…… try the cilantro!  Perfection!


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