The Pretty Veggie Idea

“Wow!  That smells fabulous!  What’re you eating?”

“Thai Chicken with Pineapple AND Eggplant?”

“That smells so GOOD!  Can I have a taste?”

“Hey. WAIT a minute!”

“I thought you were a vegetarian!  How can you have Thai CHICKEN?  You’re cheating!”

“What?  You’re not cheating?”

“Whaddya mean?”

Not ALL of your favorites have to fall by the wayside when you “go veggie.”  In fact, not many, at all.  It just depends on the dish!

Concerns regarding our health, the environment, and the animals with whom we share our world have caused many to “go veggie,” full time, part time, once a week, or once in a while.  Many more would make that healthy and conscientious change, if they just had a bit of help from a knowledgeable friend, an intriguing expert on TV, or a fun cookbook.

And the sworn “meat eaters” in the family?  It’ll be pretty hard to tell the difference in these dishes.

Creativity rules in the world of food and the use of innovative “meat-like” products that are completely vegetarian will rock your world.  Swapped into your favorite recipe, with just a few “tweaks” to the way you’d usually prepare the dish, and VOILA, a healthy, vegetarian meal!

Thai Chicken with Pineapple and Eggplant?  Swap IN vegetarian “chicken” strips for real chicken, with just an easy “tweak” to the recipe.   Shepherd Pie, chili with “meat,” or “meaty” spaghetti sauce?   Swap in vegetarian ground “beef” with hardly a “tweak”!  Chinese Tomato Beef or Pepper Steak?  Swap in vegetarian “beef” strips or tempeh.  It’s the preparation, and the “tweak” that makes all the difference!

“Wow.  That’s SO amazing, and easy.  I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Can I have that taste now?”

“Are you SURE it’s not real chicken?”

“Oh, YUM.  That’s so delicious, and it sounds SO easy.”

“You’ve GOT to show me how to ‘tweak’ my recipes.”

“I’m sure not going to tell my husband….  or the kids when I ‘tweak’ my recipes, and they’ll never know!”

“You know who you remind me of?  Nigella Lawson….only veggie!  I’m gonna try Thai ‘Chicken’ tonight!”

“Unbelievable, and so much healthier!  It’s just like ‘the real thing,’ but that sure is ‘Pretty Veggie’!”

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