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A week into 2012 and I’ve already learned a couple of new things.  First, shopping at a supermarket outside of your usual stomping grounds can reap unusual benefits!

I was searching for the broth I use as a base for my Vegetarian Chicken Soup and had to go to a different supermarket than I usually use in order to get it.  While wandering around I came across a brand of hot cereal I had never seen before, Better Oats.  “They” say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but trying to come up with a nutritious, healthy, and quick breakfast first thing in the morning can be pretty difficult.

The packaging, colors, and variety caught my eye (good marketing!), and I bought Better Oats Mom’s Best Naturals Multigrain Hot Cereal in Maple and Brown Sugar.  I was expecting good things the next morning, and I found something amazing.  Not only great tasting, quickly made hot cereal, but it was made even faster by using the cereal pouch to measure the water to put in the bowl.  No running around looking for a measuring cup!  Brilliant!

I also checked my regular supermarket and lo and behold, they had it, too! Multigrain Hot Cereal I had tried previously was delicious, so I picked up three other versions, all from Better Oats- Abundance All Natural in Maple and Brown Sugar, Oat Fit 100 Calorie in Maple and Brown Sugar, and Organic Raw Pure and Simple Multigrain Hot Cereal with Flax in Chai Spiced.  (I broke the pattern!)

All four versions are delicious, and kosher.  Toss in some raisins and nuts, and you’ve really got something special.

Two quick points, I found the cereals in the “natural” food area in one supermarket, and in the “oatmeal” section of the other.  And, do take note of the size bowl they suggest.  A couple of the cereals require a bit more water and can easily boil over unless you use the proper size bowl.

And the second “new thing” of 2012?  Did you know you can make vegan Matzo Balls?  What a perfect match for my veg Chicken Soup if you don’t want to use eggs in the Matzo Balls!  I was given a Home-made recipe from a British friend, Shelley, on Linked In, and will post it tomorrow, with kudos to my new friend!

As they say in the “Old Country,” Ta’im!  Delicious!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy




  1. Dan says:

    Corn flour is fine ground corn meal and you can find yellow or white. It is not the same as corn starch (for us Americans:)
    I am anxious to try this as I just started a veg diet and the go to comfort foods will be my biggest temptation to knock me off course.

    • Mindy says:

      Dan- You might not have noticed that the recipe came from a friend in the UK. Just as they call eggplant, aubergine, they call cornstarch, cornflour, so the recipe is correct, as is. I hope you enjoy it, along with my veg “Chicken Soup.” I can’t get through the winter without it!


  2. Such a great lesson that can be applied to any number of situations! Sometimes a fresh look is all we need.

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