Zucchini Beef Hash and Eggs

Vegetable Hash and Eggs

2 or more Eggs

Onion- if you like

Vegetable- Zucchini in this case

Veggie Ground "Beef"

Sriracha or other Seasonings

I was looking for a quick and easy dinner,  and I thought, “Breakfast for dinner!”  Good vegetarian that I am, I had an assortment of vegetables on hand, as well as veggie “meats.”  I love zucchini, and veggie ground “beef,” and Veggie Hash was born.  (I also had eggplant in the fridge and that would have been great, too.)

Its so easy to sautee chopped onion, if you want to take the time, chopped zucchini, and veggie “beef” until cooked through (the “beef” is already cooked, so sautee the zucchini until still a bit crisp), and drop a couple of raw eggs on top!

Cook until the bottom is set, and with a lot of luck and a big spatula, flip the eggs and veggie hash over to cook the other side.  Or, place under a broiler to cook the top.  (If the handle of the pan is not metal wrap it in tin foil and keep it away from the heat.)  Top with cheese, and melt under the broiler... or not.  When ready to eat, add salt and pepper, or Sriracha, to taste…. and enjoy!

Breakfast for dinner.  Such a variety of veggies, so fast, and so good!

"Pretty Veggie" Mindy

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