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I’d been planning on writing a blog post called “Doldrums” since earlier in the month but have been putting it off.  I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to say, although I do have a tendency to comment on more personal issues on Twitter rather than the blog.

Little by little I’ve been trying to round up Underwriters for the TV show, and boy, it’s been difficult.  Small companies are interested in getting their name out to the public but don’t have the funds.  Larger companies are tentatively interested but want proof that I have a personality and won’t flip out when they say “Action!”  So, we’ve been talking about a Sizzle Reel for a while.  It’s like a movie trailer, telling you what the movie is going to be like, only this’ll be all about me.

We filmed a practice segment to see if I have a personality and whether I’d flip out when they said “Action!,” and guess what?  I loved it, so all was well.  Just have to DO it.

Ahhh, but, all was not quite well.  Let me…..  think about how to describe it……  It’s been a really frustrating, and worrying time…..