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In the works is “Pretty Veggie,” an edgy, vegetarian cooking and travel show, and it's been gaining attention! You might want to call her “Edgy Veggie,” because she's a unique mix of “Bitchin’ Kitchen,” Nigella Lawson, and Anthony Bourdain. Possibly even the anti-Bourdain!

Look, “No Reservations” was great, but like many other vegetarians, she doesn’t appreciate his “relationship” with animals, so there's a a huge audience-in-waiting, the vegetarians, the vegans, the “thinking about being” vegetarians and vegans, the healthy eaters, the Meatless Monday-ers, the anti-Bourdain vegetarians and vegans, and possibly the anti-Bourdain non-vegetarians and vegans! All told, a huge number of people!  The timing couldn't be more perfect for something new and cutting edge, with a twist!

"Pretty Veggie" is a worldly, engaging and knowledgeable vegetarian "chef" with extensive international background. Using new vegetarian foods and techniques.  She highlights U.S. and international vegetarian offerings at home and at diverse travel destinations, both in the U.S. and internationally, to a huge "foodie" audience including vegetarians, vegans, healthy eaters, and all others in between.

There's no programming designed for the "veggies" of the world (a huge market), and definitely no veggie cooking and travel related shows featuring what's available for this huge and growing market, at home and out across the world.

In the right hands, THIS very "edgy veggie" is going to appeal to a mass audience...... not only in viewers, but in advertisers, too, worldwide!


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