Chicken Soup with Noodles

I grew up having Chicken Soup every Friday night.           Chicken Soup

When I went veg it was one of the foods  I missed most.

I suffered without this soup of my very soul (ok, ok, I'll stop) for two years, until I came up with this recipe.  Enjoy, dahlings!

2 containers Imagine “No Chicken" Broth*

2 containers Vegetable Broth (Pacific is really rich)*

Celery Salt

Onion Powder

Kosher Salt





Flat Parsley


Telma Vegetable Bouillon Cubes**

“Not Chick’n” Bouillon Cubes**

Veg “Chicken”- brand of your choice

Noodles of your choice

White thread

Pour broth into pot and set to medium-high.  Peel onion, carrots, and parsnip. Clean celery. Put onions and parsnip into pot, cut carrots and celery into pieces and put in pot.  Use quantities you like.  I like lots of onion and carrots.

Take dill and parsley from packages (if using plastic packages), or about a half bunch of each if using bunches, hold them together and wrap lightly and tie with white thread to keep the bunch together.  Add to pot.  (I’ve used a couple of brand new rubber bands in a pinch.)

Add a bit of celery salt, onion powder, and salt, mix, and bring to a simmer.  Let simmer until vegetables are soft.  An hour or so, depending on how much you’ve made.

When vegetables are beginning to get soft, taste the soup.  What does it need?  More celery flavor and a bit of salt?  Add celery salt.  Need a bit more of an onion-y flavor?  Add onion powder…..  and possibly a bit of salt.  If the flavor isn’t quite “full bodied” enough, add a couple of bouillon cubes, and taste again.

While soup is simmering, make noodles, separately.  Don’t put them in the soup pot.  Please!  lol  Pour them into a colander and place in each person’s soup bowl when ready to serve.

Also, prepare the “chicken” of your choice, and divide into bowls when ready to serve soup.

Taste the soup.  Wait a bit and taste, again.  And when ready, enjoy!  It will be even better tomorrow!

BTW- The parsnip from the soup is delicious and sweet, and I usually have to share it with my dogs.  They also love the parsley and dill from the soup.  Without thread, of course, and after its cooled off!

*I’ve found “No Chicken Broth” to be the best base for this soup, but you could certainly use any kind of veg broth.  I personally like “No Chicken Broth” mixed with Pacific Vegetable Broth, which is really rich.

**I always keep Telma Vegetable Bouillon Cubes on hand to add to any soup or stew that needs a bit more depth.  (It can be found in the “Jewish” section.)  Some stores also carry “Not Chick’n” Bouillon Cubes, but Telma is my “go to.”

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