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Time Flies

Unbelievable how much time has passed since I started this post. The portion below has been sitting, unfinished, for a couple of months…..

Time flies…… when you’re working a full-time job, still trying to find a new place to live, and still making contacts re underwriting/sponsorship opportunities for the “upcoming veg TV show on PBS.”

So many wonderful companies and organizations are interested in sponsoring or “supporting” the show, but don’t have the budget. Others, who have a budget, want a Sizzle Reel (something like a movie promo).

(Back to the present.) Maybe we should have taped all of those supermarket appearances. They don’t call me the vegetarian Rachel Ray for nothin’!

Even funnier, yesterday someone tweeted to say my smile looks like Demi Lovado’s smile! That’s a first, and from what I can see…. a compliment.

(A couple of days later.) Time is flying, again. Couple of interesting things from over the weekend. I’ve been talking to King Arthur Flour about a “Two Ingredient” biscuit recipe they posted last week, and tried out using cream of coconut in place of the heavy cream in the recipe. (The other ingredient is self-rising flour.) Here’s the article and recipe,

The cream of coconut made the biscuits sweet and chewy, and really good as a base for strawberries and cream or other dessert. Next time I’m going to try canned coconut milk, such as the kind you’d use in Thai recipes, and see if it results in something more biscuit-y. Really want biscuits, but not made with dairy cream.

Also, PBS fan that I am, I was watching “Growing a Greener World,” (love that show!), and they did a segment on a beekeeping company called Crown Bees, If you’ve ever been interested in keeping your own bees, you have to check these guys out, and go with their gentle Morgan bees. They have a wonderful, easy, unusual and amazing system set up. Take a look!

Once I’m more settled, I’m going to try it! You know how badly we need to “up” the bee population!