Yes, I promised!

Yes, I promised, and I WILL make Un-Stuffed Cabbage this weekend, now that it’s cooler.  AND, I will start putting some recipes, well, DESCRIPTIONS, on the website.  I can be pretty descriptive, so it should be fun.

And, yes, still trying to work out the kinks in the website, so bear with me.  But, I thought it was important to get more info on here, and I’ll get back to prettying-up the website in a bit.

So, if you’re here for the first time, do check out the ‘About Pretty Veggie,’ and ‘Pretty Veggie Theme’ pages, keep tabs on me @Pretty_Veggie, and c’mon back to see what else I’ve added here.

And, oh, by the way, it’s OCTOBER.  Argh!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy

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