Midnight at the Oasis…..

Midnight at the oasis…  send your camel to bed…  End of 2011 and I’m channeling Maria Muldaur?  A couple of weeks ago I was channeling my father.  Who will be next?  lol

No camels here, tonight, and midnight is a few hours away.  I looked over my previous post where I promised to come back before the end of the year, and as you can imagine, thoughts are still running high.  A bit more contemplative today, though, than a couple of days ago, with a brand new year about to begin.

Still thinking about friends, health, the PBS show, and FOOD….. and wishing everyone health , happiness, love, great food, and kindness to your fellow human beings and animals.  It is said that we have “dominion” over animals, so please take care of them, protect them, and be kind……

All the best in 2012!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


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