It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s not easy being green.  I know its been said before, but Kermit aside, as much as I believe in being a vegetarian it can be tough. 

Nope, I haven’t slipped back over to the the carnivorous side, never would, but its SO easy to just slap a piece of cheese or veggie “meat” on a piece of bread (or two) and call that a meal.  Its SO easy to get lazy when you’re not cooking for other people on a regular basis!

I fell back into that habit a few weeks ago.  It was helped along by this maddening B12 deficit, which made me REALLY not want to cook.  (It made me really not want to get off the couch, but at least I figured out that a huge lack of B12 was the problem.)  So, I had a little talk with myself and decided I had to do better.

“Yo, listen, Self, this is not good! What’re we gonna do about it?”

What “we” did is dropped bread and cheese off of the menu, at least for a while, got my fridge full of fruits and veggies, and yogurt and tofu…..  and tofu noodles, and have temporarily stopped making “my” recipes.  That’s right.  “My” recipes always include rice or noodles or pasta of some kind, so I’m taking a breather from the carbs.

Do I hear any input from people more experienced than I?  Input is VERY welcome.

In the meantime, I’m pondering this question, “What kind of nice, veggie soup should I make for dinner?”  lol



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