Tomorrow… Tomorrow…..

Tomorrow…..  is going to be an interesting day!  Spent the last two days preparing vegetarian fare for a supermarket “appearance” tomorrow, and a combination meeting/party tomorrow night.

Vegetarians at both events, including the Regional Manager of the supermarket chain, and I understand she’s really interested to see what we’ve come up with.  Six Shepherd’s Pies, actually, which caused there to be leftover mashed potatoes on the stove last night.  BIG problem.  Yes, I ate some….  and finally tossed the rest….  or I’d have been in danger of eating even more!

Veggie food for the evening event is “chicken” and “beef” Tacos, and “sausage” and “beef” Baked Ziti.  Of course, that’s among the other foods at the party but it will be interesting to see if everyone eats the Tacos and Ziti!

And, of course, the “appearance” at the supermarket is a first.  My first time as “Pretty Veggie.”  Wish me luck!



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