STILL trying to decide…..

….. whether to change the format of the blog.  I’d like it to be easier to publish “recipes,” and post photos. 

“Recipes”?  Why?  ”   “?    ‘Cause I don’t do a lot of measuring.  I put “a little of this,” and “a little of that.”  And, if it needs a little more of something, I figure out what I want to taste more of, and add a bit of it!

Sweeter?  Saltier?  Spicy-er?  Some lemon?  Brown sugar?   Sriracha?  What would we do without Sriracha?  (Hot sauce?  Harissa?  Tschug?)

In the meantime, I’ve posted photos of my creations of the past week or so on Twitter   Pretty_Veggie  and will keep on trying to tackle how this bloody (yup, went to school in England) blog works.

Veggie UN-Stuffed Cabbage coming up in the next few days.   Keep an eye out.  And, don’t forget to take a look at “About Pretty Veggie,” so you know where I’m comin’ from and why the things I cook are Pretty…darn… Veggie!

“Pretty Veggie” Mindy

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