In the Old Country…

As they say in the Old Country (very Old Country), “Le’at, le’at.”  In Hebrew, slowly, slowly. 

Thanks to the help of friends, I finally fixed a couple of glitches and got a basic Facebook page up!  Yippee!  Look it up under Pretty Veggie or for now.

Particular thanks to Erick Hagstrom, , who fixed a couple of website glitches and added “optimization,” the website is running more smoothly, and we’ll soon be making a few more tweaks.

The ingredients for “Chicken” Pot Pie are still calling me from the kitchen and I’m hoping for a bit more cooperation from the B12 I just started taking, before plunging into that new recipe.  (No one told me I’m supposed to be taking B12!)

AND, I still have arrangements to make re a possible cooking show for PBS (SO excited!), and a veggie catering gig and “appearance” at a local supermarket are both coming up in a couple of weeks….  on the same day!  When it rains, it pours!  lol

Please take a look at the new Facebook page and let me know what you think.

I hope you “like” it!

Thanks!  Mindy


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