SO Much Going On!

Trick or Treaters outside.  I hear little giggling groups of them coming up to the door.  Every year I have to decide if I want to open the door 47 times and take a chance that one of my dogs will disapear into the night, or put treats outide.  “Putting treats outside” has won out over the last few years.  But I do put a note outside to explain that I don’t want to dogs to freak out every time someone rings the bell! 

Aside from Trick or Treaters, other interesting things are brewing in the witches cauldron!  (Sorry. Halloween, and all.)

In November I’m going to be adding some veggie dishes to the menu at a party.  And I’ve been asked by a local supermarket to do a veggie food demo at their Healthy Eating Day.  (Isn’t that how Rachel Ray started out??)

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! (giggle)  I’m going to be filming a pilot for a veggie cooking show on TV.  I should be speaking to the production people this week, and all that’s left is to find sponsors.  All that’s left?  Well, in order to fund production of a pilot, and possibly a few additional episodes, you have to track down funds.  So, sponsors…..  where are you?  lol

Get in early on something I hope is going to be big.  I’m soooo excited.  I just can’t hide it…..!


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