What is “Old” Becomes “New” Again…..


……well, in a manner of speaking!

It was about this time last year that I wrote “Where’s the Beef?,” and now we have it! The best plant-based burger is flying off of shelves.

And, previous to that I wrote about, and have repeated many times, that its time to fall off of the fence and be a vegetarian or vegan, if its something you have been leaning towards.  Do it, and do the best you can every day.

I wrote this just about on the anniversary of my last post, and it is SO relevant.  Take a look!

“For those of you sitting on the fence about animal welfare, health, and the environment, with thoughts of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, and thinking, ‘Ugh, all I can eat are beans and tofu. How can I never have a burger again?,’ you are missing SO much. Not ‘just’ the feeling of never being part of hurting an animal again, but making positive health changes and helping to heal the environment. And, if you think you can never have a ‘burger,’ again, I had my first ‘Beyond Burger’ yesterday, and you can’t tell the difference. Yes, its made from plant protein! That doesn’t mean I am going to have one every day, or even every week, but for those of you thinking about making a change for the better, that might be a good place to start. Its time to fall off the fence, onto the vegetarian and vegan side!”

Its time!

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