TV Time!

OMG, I can’t believe it’s September.  I wrote this blog post last week and when I save it it disappeared off into cyberspace.  Let’s see if I remember it.

Talk about TV time!  I had so much fun doing the newspaper article, and it was received very well both in the paper and online.  So much so that it resulted in a cooking segment on a local TV show.  Was I a little nervous?  Yes.  Was I excited?  Oh, yes!

Little did I know, though, that they had no one doing make-up.  I’ve been behind the scenes on many local TV productions and they always had a make-up artist for the “on air talent.”  So, why not for this TV show?  Well, no.  Nada.  Efes.  Shoom davar.  I came in in my regular make-up, saw there was no make-up artist, put on a bit more of what I had in my bag, and went on the air.

Shades of Casper the Ghost!  Ack!  White as a ghost, in front of all those lights.  Even funnier, there were four cameras packed into the tiny studio, and I never knew which one was on me.  Yeah, yeah, “Look at the one that has the red light on.”  Well, when there were four of them at four different levels crushed into a tiny studio…..   light?  Light?  WHERE?

Even so, what a learning experience, and what fun!  They ate ALL of the vegetarian Sausage & Peppers.  No, not out of politeness.  They devoured it!  I hope they invite me back to make something else.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the red light, and for sure, I’ll be buying and using my own “high def” make-up next time!

THIS is interesting, too.  Another newspaper asked me to “contribute” to their foodie section, but they want me to agree to give them ownership of anything I “contribute.”  Uhhhh….  no.  Sounds an awful lot like the paperwork Food Network sent me and I wouldn’t agree to that, either.  Hope we’ll be able to find another way to go, because I’d like to be in their paper.  If they want to PAY me to “contribute” NEW material, that’s a possibility, but I can’t just give them ownership of my work.

Stay tuned!


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