New York, New York. A Hell of a Town.

New York, New York. A hell of a town. The Bronx is up and the Batterys down. Hmmm…. sounds familiar.

Sure is a hell of a town, and I want to go home. Yes, I’ve been all over the world, but have you heard? You can take the girl out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the girl.

“So, how do you do it?” you ask?  Beats me. Apply for jobs online? Not working. Contact people directly. Hasn’t worked yet (except for a couple of interesting contacts with Disney/ABC, so we’ll see where that goes.) Ask people on Twitter if they have any ideas? Nothing much has come out of that so far.

HOW do you move home? HOW do you find an affordable place to live? HOW do you find work…. especially when you’re a TV/radio/foodie/writing/media-ite?

I’m keeping a roof over my head (nope, not in New York) in a job that’s interesting….. if you want to work in that world, but I really don’t. (I fell into it accidentally.)

I have TV/radio/foodie/writing/media-ite yearnings, and talents. HOW do you make the switch? HOW do you find funding for your vegetarian cooking and travel show? HOW do you move home to New York?

Genie, can you cross your arms and blink a few times for me? Barbara? Barbara Eden. Are you there?

Anyone else there? Spread the word! All ideas (and contacts), accepted! It’s past time to go home and do what I’m supposed to do!  :)


Its Dangerous Out There!

Its dangerous out there!

No, I’m not alluding to the fact that sugar levels are going to be sky high later today after trick-or-treating-ing, or that there are some new medical challenges in the world, which we will overcome.

I’m talking about the food in your supermarket. Yes, YOUR supermarket!

Consider this a Public Service Announcement!

I eat a relatively healthy diet, as you can imagine. Lots of fruits and veg, and grains, etc., etc. But, boy, was I shocked when I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago with food poisoning. No need to go into detail, but I thought I was gonna die.

WHAT did I eat that could have caused that? Obviously, no meat on the menu, so it had to be either fruit or veg. What did I eat that wasn’t cooked? A variety of herbs, bought in two stores, which were thrown into a salad, and a container of melon chunks. Well, I’ve seen the people in the store, wearing gloves, cutting up the melon, so it HAD to be the herbs, right?

Since I bought the herbs in two stores and didn’t know which had caused the “poisoning,” there wasn’t even anyone I could go back to and say, “Hey, what is WRONG with you?”

So, I dealt with the food poisoning, laid in absolute misery and silence on the couch for 4 days, along with my very confused dog who stretched out next to me, who I didn’t have the strength to walk (thank goodness for the yard), and wound up in Urgent Care with an IV in my arm, and a handful of prescriptions to fill.

Whatever I had, it was a heck of an ordeal and it’s been a slow recuperation. That being said, back to, “It’s dangerous out there!”

This past weekend I was in one of the supermarkets and had a verrrrry interesting conversation with someone who works there, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. She asked if I had bought anything in THAT store and I mentioned the melon, and the herbs, and that I thought it was the herbs, and she got a strange look on her face.

“You bought the melon HERE?” “Well, yeah, but they always cut the melon with gloves on so I’m sure it wasn’t the melon.” “Did you know that any cut fruits MUST be refrigerated within 30 minutes of being cut? I used to work in that department, but I got out of there!”

That was a HECK of a surprise, and a warning, and….. I took the container of cut melon that was in my cart back to the produce section and put it back on the shelf!

Did I tell the store? I considered it, but didn’t want them to figure out who told me about the melon.

So, WARNING, if you want chunks of melon, buy a melon and cut it up, and make sure you get the cut melon into the fridge within 30 minutes of cutting it. The sooner the better. It’s a pain, but I can assure you you don’t want to wind up with whatever I had a couple of weeks ago. Oh, my!

So, be careful out there. It’s dangerous!

Now, where did I put my ginger ale…….. lol


Time Flies

Unbelievable how much time has passed since I started this post. The portion below has been sitting, unfinished, for a couple of months…..

Time flies…… when you’re working a full-time job, still trying to find a new place to live, and still making contacts re underwriting/sponsorship opportunities for the “upcoming veg TV show on PBS.”

So many wonderful companies and organizations are interested in sponsoring or “supporting” the show, but don’t have the budget. Others, who have a budget, want a Sizzle Reel (something like a movie promo).

(Back to the present.) Maybe we should have taped all of those supermarket appearances. They don’t call me the vegetarian Rachel Ray for nothin’!

Even funnier, yesterday someone tweeted to say my smile looks like Demi Lovado’s smile! That’s a first, and from what I can see…. a compliment.

(A couple of days later.) Time is flying, again. Couple of interesting things from over the weekend. I’ve been talking to King Arthur Flour about a “Two Ingredient” biscuit recipe they posted last week, and tried out using cream of coconut in place of the heavy cream in the recipe. (The other ingredient is self-rising flour.) Here’s the article and recipe,

The cream of coconut made the biscuits sweet and chewy, and really good as a base for strawberries and cream or other dessert. Next time I’m going to try canned coconut milk, such as the kind you’d use in Thai recipes, and see if it results in something more biscuit-y. Really want biscuits, but not made with dairy cream.

Also, PBS fan that I am, I was watching “Growing a Greener World,” (love that show!), and they did a segment on a beekeeping company called Crown Bees, If you’ve ever been interested in keeping your own bees, you have to check these guys out, and go with their gentle Morgan bees. They have a wonderful, easy, unusual and amazing system set up. Take a look!

Once I’m more settled, I’m going to try it! You know how badly we need to “up” the bee population!



We’ve all heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Ok, I can understand that.  We’ve been asleep all night and we need to refuel the machine and kick it into gear.

But, I really don’t like to eat so early, and when I do, I don’t like cereal (too cold), or anything that takes too much puttering around.  At least, during the week, anyway.

I always fall back to some kind of bread or toast…..  and you know I’m a bread addict, so that can be a problem.  Even more than that, WHAT do you put on the bread or toast in the morning?  It makes me crazy.

Used to be I’d mostly have toast and cheese, or a bagel and cream cheese, or an egg and toast, but a quick, easy breakfast is a little tougher now.  Haven’t found any veg cheeses I like all that much, although I’m sure they’re out there, and I keep having either almond butter or peanut butter, which gets old after a while.

Well, the sun broke through the clouds the other day!  Someone mentioned making “tuna fish” out of garbanzo beans, and I tried it.  Not bad!  (A little minced onion, I used dried, and some veg mayo).  Yesterday I mashed up soft tofu with veg mayo and a little salt, and we had another sandwich filling or toast topping!

I can barely imagine all of the possible combinations!  Any suggestions out there?  Let me know!  :)




Prime Time!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  “She finally got funding for the TV show and its going to be on in prime time!”  Don’t I wish!

I’ve been trying to find a direct link to this article in the March issue of Vegetarian Times, but could only find the following.  If you don’t have the issue yourself, try downloading the article.  Cuuuuuuute!

“Prime Time for Veggies.”

Check it out!


Happy Very Belated New Year!

Yes, I realize it is very belated, and I’ve tried a number of times starting on New Years Eve, to say hi, but the spammers have been hard at work!

It seems they particularly like WordPress related websites and they blitz them with spam, over and over.  Thank heavens, my web hosting company is really on top of things and they close down access, but that also means I can’t get into my own website.

Can’t say that anything of tremendously redeeming value has been going on over the last few weeks, except for COLD and SNOW.  I keep saying I’d love to go home to NYC, except for the snow, but hey, now that we’ve got freezing temps and the second snowstorm in two weeks coming in this afternoon, I may have to change my reasoning.

In the meantime, I’m going to knit a nose warmer!  lol