Bread, Glorious, Bread!

STOP THE INSANITY!  Bread, glorious, bread.  I have got to stop this.  I have got to stop STOP eating bread.

Every time I swear off carbs, I go bonkers and start eating all sorts of things because I craving good ‘ole bread.

This last go ‘round, I swore off bread (not all carbs) but was eating Tostito chips and chocolate all day long.  Well, mostly on the last three weekends because I wouldn’t allow myself to do it all week, but still.

Well, I am STOPPING the insanity.  I’ve gone back to eating bread and the crazy cravings are gone.  I’m constantly telling people, “Everything in moderation,” and I should take my own advise.

People have been eating bread in so many forms, for thousands of years, and I’m joining the hoards, again.

Everything in moderation.  Good quality bread.  Careful what you put on it.  And we’re golden!

Mmmm……   just thinking of toppings off the top of my head……    almond butter, hummus, tahini, chopped tomatoes and olive oil, avocado, cream “cheese,” sliced “cheese”……

What are your suggestions?  Tell me, tell me.  Yum!


Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown

Bad, bad, but not Leroy Brown.  Just me.  Bein’ bad, and not in a good bad way.  In a bad baaaad way.

I’ve just been to the supermarket for the first time since Rascal died.  It’s also the first time I’ve left Katie home alone since Rascal died.  We’re both still not feeling very happy.  I’ve reported the vet to the Veterinary Board.  I hope he is thoroughly investigated and prevented from causing this kind of pain, again.

At the supermarket I bought some “healthy” stuff, and I also bought some BAD stuff, with the full knowledge that I’m going to eat all of the bad stuff.  Right now I’m eating tortilla chips, and will dive into the salsa soon.  My “go to,” though, is not usually chips.  It’s chocolate.  And, I bought that, too.  Two kinds!

Hey, if you’re gonna do it, do it all the way!

It’s a couple of days later, and as suggested, I plowed through the chips and salsa.  It did take me until the next day, though.  I’ve also plowed through the one of the “kinds” of chocolate, and started on the second.

It all has to do with raising serotonin levels, right?

Do you remember the TV cartoon, “The Jetsons” ?


That being said, some healthy food has been interspersed between the bouts of being “Bad” over the last couple of days so maybe it will even out!

Life has its up’s and down’s and I’ve had more than enough down’s lately.  Katie, too.  We’re ready for some up’s!

It’s spring.  Spring forward!


Doldrums II

Well, don’t that beat all?  I thought the “frustrating and worrying time” I mentioned in the previous post was gone for good.  I’d been looking for a “real” job for a long time in order to support myself while working on finding underwriters for the TV show, and I finally found a job!

Until that point, things were becoming more and more scary by the day.  The savings were dwindling.  Do I apply for food stamps?  Will I wind up on welfare?  Not something I wanted, but you do what you have to do.

And then, I found a job.  Something I could actually live on and not have to apply for food stamps.  How wonderful to be working, again!

Little did I know that this new business had planned their finances very poorly, and I was to be laid off just a month after starting.  I’ve applied for unemployment, but that won’t pay the bills.  So, here we go, again.   Job hunting.  Food stamps?  Welfare?

A month of hope replaced the “doldrums,” but now they are back.  Sure wish I could find those elusive underwriters and go forward with my dream.

Well, don’t that beat all?



I’d been planning on writing a blog post called “Doldrums” since earlier in the month but have been putting it off.  I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to say, although I do have a tendency to comment on more personal issues on Twitter rather than the blog.

Little by little I’ve been trying to round up Underwriters for the TV show, and boy, it’s been difficult.  Small companies are interested in getting their name out to the public but don’t have the funds.  Larger companies are tentatively interested but want proof that I have a personality and won’t flip out when they say “Action!”  So, we’ve been talking about a Sizzle Reel for a while.  It’s like a movie trailer, telling you what the movie is going to be like, only this’ll be all about me.

We filmed a practice segment to see if I have a personality and whether I’d flip out when they said “Action!,” and guess what?  I loved it, so all was well.  Just have to DO it.

Ahhh, but, all was not quite well.  Let me…..  think about how to describe it……  It’s been a really frustrating, and worrying time…..

Happy “Mayan Re-Set” New Year!

At the beginning of this New Year my thoughts, for us all, are very simple.

The Mayan “end of the world” was misinterpreted (thank goodness!), and I, for one, am very happy about that.  A “re-set” is definitely in order!

Looking back over the last year…..such wonders.…and such trials and tribulations.

Even so, there’s so much talk about 2013 being THE year!  The good one!

My heartfelt wish for everyone is that there are many more wonders in the upcoming year than trials and tribulations, and that this is THE year…..the good one….for all of us!

Thank you all for your support, suggestions, and good wishes, and to bringing our veg TV show to Public Television this year!

And, of course, it goes without saying, “A Very Veggie New Year!”



On the Precipice

Yes, I said “precipice.”  Standing right at the edge and wondering how things are going to fall. 

Second meeting today re shooting the “Sizzle Reel” for potential corporate underwriters for the TV show!  (Its like a commercial showing assorted parts of what the show will look like.)

So, this is a biggie.  Companies I’ve spoken to in the past have asked me for my  Sizzle Reel, and I’ve had to say “I don’t have one….”  *sniff*

And, now….  I will.  SO excited, and nervous, and happy. 

More soon!